Which graphic software is better? vector like corel draw.freehand,flash,illustrator or pixel graphic softwares like photoshop?

you can start by first creating a new document,Then fill it with linear gradient using colors.Now what we need to do is to add a pattern to our canvas.create a new layer, then get out the Rectangular Marque Tool and make a square selection as on picture below and fill it with black color.Apply color overlay layer style to this layer,write out your desired text on the canvas.we need to add some pattern to Photoshop patterns palette to use it for creating text effect later. Create a new document with size of 16×16 pixels and draw a square dots by using Pencil Tool as on a picture .Now use Edit > Define Pattern to save this picture as pattern.Go back to our main canvas and apply Drop Shadow, Bevel and Emboss, Contour, Gradient Overlay, Pattern Overlay and Stroke layer styles to this layer.
All done .